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Nanode-Soft Water Conditioner

Scale Control

Do you know that conditioning your water will save you money in more ways that you know?

This is how our Nanode-Soft will do that:

Water that is conditioned with the Nanode-Soft changes some of the properties in the water

The Anodesoft is a Catalytic Water Conditioner, a new innovation in water conditioning. The Anodesoft Catalytic Water Conditioner is, as the name suggests, a "water conditioner", not a "softener" or a "filter". The foundation of the Anodesoft is the scale controlling media, made from ceramic–metallic materials, it is actually a "Catalytic Converter" installed into your water line. It functions similarly to the Catalytic Converter on your car that converts toxic matter into neutralized, "inert" emissions, the Anodesoft Catalytic Water Conditioner converts elements that make water hard like; calcium, magnesium, boron and sodium into neutralized nano-particles that goes into solution and passes right through your water supply system.

One: Calcium, it changes calcium to a different crystal structure so that it does not stick and build up.

Two: Water clusters, breaks the water clusters to smaller clusters " softer Water"

Three: Surface tension, breaks the bonds of water to reduce surface tension

So how does this save you money? Less scale build up keeps your appliance running with less maintenance. Rubber parts and seals stay pliable. Conditioned water uses less detergents and rinse aids.

The other big cost saving is that Nanode-Soft conditioned water helps your pumps run at a lower amperage by reducing the surface tension of the water the water flows easier, less resistance.

Your water will heat up faster in two ways, clean elements transfer heat to the water faster, conditioned water has smaller water clusters that heat up faster.

Conditioned water needs less chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing.

How can you go wrong its all a plus with Nanode-Soft.

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